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I came to LJ through the Harry Potter Fandom, although my interests have widened to include lurking in a few other fandoms as well. My journal entries are usually comprised of various reports involving my family, about my job teaching in alternative education, and less frequently about Harry Potter. Personal stuff I keep friends locked, including entries about work and family.

A little bit about me:

*I am an ENFP.

*I am an alternative education teacher, working with high school students in all subjects. I absolutely love my job and I feel very fortunate to be teaching in such a unique program. The students and families I get to work with are dear to me, and I couldn't be more satisfied with my career.

*I'm just on the Slytherin side of Hufflepuff. I cherish the feeling of hard-work, but I will only slightly hesitate to put my ambition to use when reaching for a goal.

*I started training in the martials arts in 2006. It seems to be consuming a good part of my life right now, and I've never felt better. I'm hoping to test for cho dan in April of 2011. I passed my Cho Dan test in Oct of 2010 and am now working at my studio as an assistant instructor, complete with certification from the SBDMDK Federation. Next goal - Ee Dan in Oct 2012!

*HPEF is my second family, and a labor of love. Attending Nimbus-2003 lead to all sorts of opportunities that I never expected, and working with the organization to plan such events as Lumos and Portus have helped me to learn and grow in many aspects of my life. My involvement has also resulted in some of the best friendships and working relationships that I have ever experienced, and now I have the honor of serving as President to this magical organization. I'll see you at Azkatraz and Infinitus!

If I've friended you, it's because I've enjoyed something about your own journal, but don't feel obligated to friend me back. I also don't always friend people back, mostly because I don't always have a chance to read my flist. But if you do, please comment to introduce yourself. :)

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